Wednesday, August 22, 2012

2012-2013 Begins

I have a nice group of 22 fifth graders this year. Our first day was very busy and I learned several things already from my kids. The main thing I learned today was that students will be there to set you straight when you mess up!

Several times through the day when I was explaining or demonstrating a technology procedure my students pointed out things that I hadn't noticed, or that I had done incorrectly.

I knew when I walked out the door to go home that I would receive several questions about an online assignment I had given. Why? Because I gave incomplete and confusing directions in my haste to get kids going online. So, tonight I had to respond to texts, emails and phone calls from about a third of my class. I found a way to set things straight, fortunately, but it would have been better had I given better directions in the first place.

So, thanks to my class, we got through it all. It's a good thing students don't mind role-reversal once in a while so I can learn, too!

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