Saturday, January 10, 2015

5-Photo Stories About Sea Camp

Each year students in grades 3-8 at my school participate in a class trip. My fourth grade computer students attend Sea Camp on Big Pine Key in the Florida Keys. There, they participate in many hands-on activities to help them learn about the sea life of Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean.

Before they go, students prepare for their trip through various classroom-based learning activities. When they return they complete a 5-photo story as part of their computer class (thank you, Wes Fryer, for this idea!). The following presentations were created using screencasting software, a Google Slides Presentation, and the free audio editor Audacity. Creating this presentation is a multi-step process that begins when the students choose pictures, write a script, make a 5-slide presentation, give the presentation in front of their classmates, and record the audio/video presentation for publication on my class website

I hope you'll take some time to view a few of these 1-2 minute presentations. Please leave a comment here so our children know that someone besides their classmates and teacher are watching. Or, feel free to leave a comment on this blog (below). We'd really appreciate it!